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★ icons002: This one moment could one day become eternity

Textless icons in this batch may be used as bases (because I ran out of ideas), but with credit please.
A massive number of multiples from each image used because I was experimenting with a set of textures and gradients. And you'll see notebook textures pop up a lot because I was playing with textures by dusty_memories. (:
While I'm at this, I'll just pimp out inquisitory's tutorial which is a wonder with light-coloured animanga icons.

›› Animanga; Hachikuro
›› Animanga; Lovecom
›› J-drama; Last Friends
›› J-drama; Osen
›› J-drama; Zettai Kareshi
›› J-idol; KAT-TUN
›› J-idol; Others (Takaki Yuya, Uchi Hiroki)
›› Others (Nymphadora Tonks, Mizushima Hiro, models)

animanga; hachikuro

animanga; lovecom

j-drama; last friends

j-drama; osen

j-drama; zettai kareshi

j-idol; kat-tun

j-idol; others


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›› Please credit unless otherwise specified
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